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Molly Davis




Molly Davis is a realist watercolor and oil painter who has won regional and national awards for her art. She paints half of the time en plein aire and the other half in the studio. She has been an invited artist to Salon d'Arts 2005 and 2006, Salon d'Musee 2008 and the American Art Invitational 2008. She teaches international workshops once a year, and has taught at the Art Students League for 20 years and at Scottsdale Artists School.

Artist Statement

I paint for many reasons. First, there is the simple joy of painting. For as long as I can remember, having a brush in my hand gave me the greatest pleasure I had ever known. I also paint for the sheer joy of expressing the many subtle changes I see in the light at sunrise and sunset, and the multitude of colors I find in nature. The beauty of the simple everyday things in life constantly inspires me. Just as van Gough painted his shoes and bedroom, and Rembrandt painted a side of beef, they are priceless works of art today despite their odd subject matter. I generally work in watercolor and oil, with about half of the time spent painting outdoors. Painting in nature revitalizes me.

Teaching Philsophy

I aim to help students convert the idea that they have in their mind's eye to what they actually see, through skill building. When I was in art school, there was not an emphasis on core foundational information, and I had to develop that on my own. When students come to my class, I take a great deal of time to teach them the fundamentals, since I believe the artist who takes the time to learn these becomes more confident over time. My passion is to develop the discipline they need to plan, execute, and conceive of their work, and then pair that with practical awareness. I like to stress individual results rather than just copying my technique, and take pride in student shows when I see the variety of their work.

Molly Davis Interior  Molly Davis Landscape