Preserving the Vision Gallery

To the Artist in Search of a Gallery

With Rob Foster

Postponed until June

Details to follow

9 am - 4 pm

The greatest business challenge for every emerging artist is finding galleries to represent their work. Artist in Search of a Gallery is an overview and step-by-step program to find and recruit galleries to sell your work.

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What are galleries looking for anyway?

For emerging artists, there is no greater challenge than finding and securing galleries to represent their work. The traditional methods of gallery recruitment often fail even for the best of artists. “Following the rules” may work for a few traditional galleries, but for most galleries it might be the worst course. In fact in many cases, the wrong way is often the right way. To the Artist in Search of a Gallery provides the emerging artist with an inside view of how galleries actually choose new artists. RLFoster, a gallery veteran of twenty-five years, provides strategies and tactics for recruiting galleries in the internet age.

▪ What to look for when researching prospective galleries.
▪ Why the most promising galleries may actually be the worst choices.
▪ How your personality affects your recruiting plan.
▪ Sure-fire ways to get your art in front of gallery directors.
▪ Trends in framing
▪ Why the “critique” is better than the formal interview.
▪ Discover the hidden danger of advertising.

The last hour will be devoted to sales critique of paintings.The workshop includes a copy of To the Artist in Search of a Gallery.

Materials and models

Notebook with pen or pencil. One painting representative of your work for the sales critique (optional).