Preserving the Vision Gallery

Painting the Rockies
in Autumn

With Robert Johnson

September 21 - 25, 2020

9 am - 4 pm

Learn and paint with one of America's great landscape painters.

About Robert Johnson

Workshop Fee


Workshop Description

This will be an outdoor painting workshop during the beautiful fall season in the Rocky Mountains. The workshop will include demonstrations, discussions, critiques and assistance with ongoing paintings.


Suggested Palette (Necessary):Naples Yellow Light(Rembrandt) Cadmium Lemon; Cadmium Red Light; Cadmium Yellow Pale; Permanent* Alizarin; Yellow Ochre Pale; Cobalt Violet ; Indian Yellow (Windsor Newton) ; Ultramarine Blue; Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt) ; Cobalt Blue; Cerulean Blue; Terra Rosa; Viridian (Holbein); Cinnabar Green ( Holbein): White (Gamblin , Williamsburg or Utrecht White)- or any good quality Titanium White.

Optional colors to be kept in reserve for particular subject matter or effects or substituted for some of the necessary colors: Burnt Sienna Deep (substitute for Transparent Oxide Red); Cadmium Scarlet (substitute for Cadmium Red Light); Mauve, Blue shade (Winsor Newton); Raw Sienna; Brilliant Rose (Old Holland); Permanent Rose or Rembrandt Rose; Cadmium Orange.

Painting Surface: panel or canvas with non-absorbent priming. No larger than 16" x 20” * Medium: Maroger, or sun thickened linseed oil.

Solvent: Gamsol or Turpenoid

Brushes: A variety, which would include filbert bristles in the range from nos. 1 to 8. At least one small sable no. 0, 1, or 2. At least one soft flat (sable, badger or mongoose) no. 4 or above.

Palette knife: Small triangular wedge shaped painting knife.

Attitude: Humility, honesty and a capacity to be completely absorbed in seeing and painting without concern for the opinions of others.

Optional Equipment: Painting scraper, eye shade (baseball cap or visor)