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De-Mystifying Photographing Your Art

With Tom Stevens

Postponed until June

Details to follow

9 am - 3 pm

About Tom Stevens

Come and spend a fun day with Tom learning and practicing a few basic steps in Photoshop that will help you reach your audience with effective images of your work.

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Class Description

Why is it that we almost never like the photos of our artwork? Do your pictures of your artwork keep coming out skewed, unevenly focused, with odd angles and the colors aren’t right? Do glare and reflections obscure your work? You are fighting optical distortion, proper lighting, and you need a bit of practice with some basic tools. Yes, there are simple and relatively inexpensive solutions to these problems. Plan to spend a day learning how to do it right in this hands-on workshop.

Materials and models

A digital point and shoot camera Your trusty laptop Connecting cables and extension cords A purchased copy of Photoshop ELEMENTS software version 6 or above. The current version is called Elements 2020 and sells for around $70.00 A painting to photograph This is not a class to learn about how to use your computer or your camera so be sure you know the basics of both… You do not need to know Photoshop, but you do need to use a couple of the tools it has built into it. Those are things we will practice several times in class. You do not need special lights, camera lenses. You will want to take notes.

Using Photoshop to polish your images